Your Brain, Your Notes
An example of Tangent's threaded sliding panels.

A clean and powerful open source notes app for Mac, Windows, and Linux

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Write Tangentially

Tangent is designed to let you write the way you think. Your thoughts are connected; Tangent lets you link to existing notes and make new ones with ease.

Let your mind wander along the path of interest. Don't suppress thoughts, embrace them.

Explore With Confidence

Tangent visualizes the path of your thoughts with elegant sliding panels and a branching map that builds itself as you write. You always know where you are and where you've been.

An example of a map of connections between visited notes.

Follow the thread of your thoughts in any direction they take you. Never get lost.

Own Your Own Thoughts

Tangent works with local files directly on your device. Notes are stored as markdown files. They can be read or written to by any text editor.

Nothing is hidden from you. Everything is yours.

Free Forever

Tangent is open source under the Apache 2.0 license. Its source code can be found on Github.

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